Finally, a music shop created by musicians for musicians!

The gear you need at the prices you want!

Located in San Marcos, CA, this place does it all. It’s sleek, clean and organized. We take pride in our shop because first impressions can be a lasting impression. Stop by when you’re in town. We’re open Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 7pm and on Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm.

We know what it’s like to demand perfection from your gear and also what it’s like to look for the best deal.  We’ve been there ourselves.  We team up with local musicians who also have a passion for creating music to find the best gear for the most reasonable price.

We feature top-of-the-line guitars, some even owned and played by professional musicians, shipped carefully to your doorstep.  We also feature a wide variety of effects pedals, straps, guitar care products and strings to go with your new purchase.

If you already have a guitar, we have the amplifiers you need to make your presence known on stage.  Everything from small room amps to stacks that will fill an auditorium, we have you covered!

Steven Villicana

Guitarist, Owner/Operator

Lead Guitarist by night, business man by day!   Steve searches high and low for all the best gear, tests it out, and gets it ordered.  When he’s not testing all the equipment, he’s dusting them off and keeping them shiny and new to ensure you are getting the quality products you have come to expect from SSM!  He runs a tight ship to ensure you are fully satisfied with the products and services of SSM.  Steve is living the dream!!